Are YOU recycling well enough?
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Are YOU recycling well enough?

We all know by now that we should be recycling as much as possible--but are we using that principle to its full potential? As a lifelong green campaigner and environmental activist I'm passionate about recycling, and I've started this blog to talk a little more about all the little extras you can do. I'll be covering craft projects you can do with the kids, tips for starting and maintaining your own compost pile, ways to help your local recycling plant out with the way you put your rubbish in the recycling bin and tips for "upcycling" some of the things you throw away the most.


Are YOU recycling well enough?

The Environmental Benefits Of Scrap Wire Recycling

Katie Welch

Are you aware you can make some extra money off your old wires? The wires used in electronics, appliances and other consumer products maintain their economic value even after the products have reached the end of their usefulness.

Cash for scrap wires can put some extra cash in your pocket and bring several benefits to the environment, as highlighted below.

Solid waste diversion

As the total volume of solid waste produced in Australia continues to go up, it's becoming increasingly important to find better ways of managing the waste. Although landfilling is the most widely used method for managing and disposing of solid waste, it's not the most sustainable option.

Disposal of solid waste in landfills hurts the environment in multiple ways, as indicated below:

  • It leads to significant land occupation, reducing the amount of land available for productive use.
  • It creates an eyesore for residents living near landfill sites.
  • It can cause nuisances ranging from noise and vibration (from compactors and other heavy machines used in landfills) to foul odour (from landfill gases) and pests (attracted to the food waste typically found in landfills).

Recycling scrap wires helps to reduce the amount of solid waste that ends up in landfill sites, reducing the environmental impact associated with landfill operations.

Natural resource conservation

Virgin ore is the primary raw material used for manufacturing new wires. In terms of sustainability, these wires are resource-intensive as they require significant amounts of natural resources like energy and water to produce. 

Scrap wire recycling helps source raw material for manufacturing new metal products without the resource requirements for primary metal production. 

Recycling wires requires less energy, water and other natural resources than processing virgin ore, helping conserve the existing natural resources, which are non-renewable and limited in supply.

Efficient utilisation of the available natural resources helps ensure continuity of production, which is good for prosperity.

While selling wires for scrap can earn you money, a little time and effort are required to strip off wires from end-of-life products. Keep in mind that not all wires are created equal. Some wires are more valuable than others, meaning scrap wire prices may vary.

Contact a scrap wire dealer for a cash offer if you have a significant amount of used wires to sell for cash. Aside from getting a little extra money, you will be happy to know you are playing a part in saving the environment.