Are YOU recycling well enough?
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Are YOU recycling well enough?

We all know by now that we should be recycling as much as possible--but are we using that principle to its full potential? As a lifelong green campaigner and environmental activist I'm passionate about recycling, and I've started this blog to talk a little more about all the little extras you can do. I'll be covering craft projects you can do with the kids, tips for starting and maintaining your own compost pile, ways to help your local recycling plant out with the way you put your rubbish in the recycling bin and tips for "upcycling" some of the things you throw away the most.


Are YOU recycling well enough?

Three Things Your Business Can Do to Increase Metal Recycling

Katie Welch

When it comes to recycling most people are pretty proactive about sorting their regular rubbish into the right bins for collection night. Even businesses have taken up the mantle and to a large extent, most paper and cardboard rubbish items that can be recycled are. However, what you might not realise is that metal recycling is a very important process that is not quite understood as other forms of recycling. Before you throw any machinery or equipment from your workplace out, here are a few things you can do to ensure you recycle every piece of metal you can.

Organise An Annual Scrap Metal Drive

Most metal items that can be recycled are quite big or expensive, so they do not wear out as quickly as paper and cardboard items. As such, you may only end up with a few things that need to be thrown out the entire year. Don't just simply throw them in the trash, as they will not get picked for recycling that way. Instead, keep them to the side in a storage area (if possible) and, once a year, take them to your local metal recycling plant. These companies are present in all cities across the country, and many smaller areas as well.

Get Educated About It

It is hard to recycle something that you don't know can be recycled. Many people simply do not realise that most metal items have value that can still be extracted and recycled. From excess nuts and blots from a construction site to large, industrial machinery. The easiest way to increase awareness is to either send out a memo to your employees about a new policy regarding metal recycling or to put up posters around garbage bins letting people know not to throw out anything metal.

Get In Contact With A Scrap Metal Recycling Plant

By contacting your nearest scrap metal recycling plant, you will learn what days they are open, what material they specifically accept, and whether or not they will pay you for it. That's right—many scrap metal recycling plants actually offer you a scrap price for the metal, which increases based on weight and quality. By doing the right thing and recycling the metal that you would otherwise simply put in the trash you not only reduce your carbon footprint but also can increase the thickness of your wallet.

To learn more about the process, contact metal recycling companies.