Are YOU recycling well enough?
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Are YOU recycling well enough?

We all know by now that we should be recycling as much as possible--but are we using that principle to its full potential? As a lifelong green campaigner and environmental activist I'm passionate about recycling, and I've started this blog to talk a little more about all the little extras you can do. I'll be covering craft projects you can do with the kids, tips for starting and maintaining your own compost pile, ways to help your local recycling plant out with the way you put your rubbish in the recycling bin and tips for "upcycling" some of the things you throw away the most.


Are YOU recycling well enough?

Practical Scrap Metal Recycling Benefits That Can Motivate You

Katie Welch

In recent years, scrap metal recycling has been promoted to reduce manufacturing costs, minimise waste in landfills, and enhance resource management. Most people were already accustomed to recycling plastic and paper but didn't consider industrial scrap recycling too. Metal recycling offers both environmental and economic advantages since the scraps can be used and reused endlessly. This post will share some metal recycling benefits to help you understand everything better.

Frees up space

Scraps usually consume a lot of space in the yards, garages, and sheds. Besides making the area appear unpleasant, it will be a risk if anyone trips and falls next to the scraps. Opting to bring the scrap metal to a recycling centre will free up space, making the area appear more organised. Moreover, you'll get additional space for landscaping, gardening, or relaxing.

Minimises emissions

For years, the manufacturing industry has been using a lot of natural resources to make various kinds of metals. This process not only depletes natural resources but also increases manufacturing expenses. Mining entails a number of environmental procedures like groundwater pollution, physical scars on the land, poisonous runoffs, unstable geological conditions, habitat destruction, and other hazards. It is difficult for the environment to heal from this kind of pollution. What's more, a lot of energy is required to complete the work, which increases environmental pollution.

Choosing to recycle scrap metal will decrease the need to mine natural resources. Besides, it won't cause groundwater pollution or lead to the creation of scars on the land. Greenhouse gas emissions will also reduce significantly, minimising air pollution, which causes respiratory health problems.

It's a source of income

Scrap metal recycling is also an excellent way to earn money. Usually, the amount that's earned is determined by the type of scrap metal supplied to the recycling firm. You will get varying rates for metals like copper, aluminium, brass, steel, and iron. The rates also vary from one recycling firm to another, so you have to be smart and search for a company that will offer a better price.

Remember to factor in the transportation cost as well before choosing a company to make sure that you get a better price. Another secret you can consider is to make more money is to understand the demand and supply curve for scrap metals. This way, you can hold your scraps and sell them when the supply is low to earn more.